Scheduling Classes

Scheduling Classes

There are several ways to get to the Schedule Class window

  1. From the Calendar screen click Schedule Class icon.
  2. Under the Classes tab click Schedule Class icon.
  3. From inside a specific dog page you can click the Sign-up Dog for Class icon.

The Schedule Class Window

The Schedule Class window is one of the main schedule screens inside the program. From here you can schedule all of your classes. Below we will cover the fields you see on this screen and how they are used by the program.

About the Fields

  1. Type: this is the event type you are scheduling. Many of the event types in the system have specified purposes and logic that are associated with them. However, you can customize the event types in the Admin Module-->Setup-->Settings-->Event Types page. For classes there are two event types you will be concerned with:
    1. 1.1.Class: this type will be used for standard classes, meaning classes that have a specific start and end date with a recurring structure that can be easily defined.
    2. 1.2.Modularized Class: this type will be used for classes that are of an on-going nature, where clients can start on any week, complete the specified number of sessions and then graduate.
  2. Public: this field allows you to schedule a class that is visible or not visible online to your clients.
  3. Title: this field will be automatically populated with the title of the class being scheduled.
  4. Cost: this is the cost of the class. It defaults to the amount you entered when you setup the class in the Admin Module, but you can change it for this scheduled occurrence of the class if you need to.
  5. Details: this field is used to enter details that are specific to this scheduling of the class. These are not details about the class in general as those are taken from the information entered on the Admin Module ~ Getting Started ~ Classes page.
  6. Class: this is where you will select the actual class you are scheduling.
  7. Canceled/Full: these are flag you can manually set for the class marking them canceled or full.
  8. Repeat: this is where you will choose how often and in what structure this class repeats.
    1. Start Date: this is the starting date and time of the class.
    2. Duration: this is the length of each session of this class. This is defaulted from what was entered on the Admin Module ~ Getting Started ~ Classes page.
  9. Repeat Indefinitely/Repeat Until/Repeat X Times:
    1. Repeat Indefinitely means this class will go on forever. Note: This is not recommended for standard classes as there is only one attendance roster associated with a standard class, so once a client registers they will be on the class list indefinitely. This is the recommended setting for Modularized Classes as they are on-going in nature.
    2. Repeat Until means that this class will repeat until a specified date
    3. Repeat X Times means this class will repeat the specified number of times. This is the preferred selection for standard classes and is defaulted to the number of sessions specified for the class on the Admin Module ~ Getting Started ~ Classes page.
  10. Location: this is the location at which the class will take place.
  11. Instructor: this is the instructor scheduled to teach this class.
  12. Co-Instructor: this is the co-instructor scheduled to teach this class.

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