Client Waivers

Client Waivers

Our software allows you to track when a client signs a waiver, either as part of the online registration process or manually if you choose to do so.

Creating Waivers

To create a waiver simply navigate to the Documents page in any of the working modules (Training, Therapy, Daycare/Boarding) and click on the New Document icon. Then choose 'waiver' as the type and put in the needed information. Please note: form fields cannot be used in waivers. Your client will only be able to read the content of the waiver, not fill in values, etc. Once you have the information in the body of the document, click Save.

Tracking Waivers

If you have configured your online registration process to use a waiver, then your clients will have to agree to that waiver electronically as part of the registration process. The system will automatically track this event so you know which clients have actually signed a waiver and which clients have not.

If you choose to have your clients sign paper waivers, you can manually enter a record for each client when they have completed the waiver so you can still track this in the system.

Expiring Waivers

If you choose to, your waivers can expire requiring your clients to re-sign the general waiver during registration.

You have several options for waiver expiration:

  1. No Expiration: this means that waivers in your system will never expire; so once a client signs a waiver as part of the registration process they will never have to sign one again.
  2. Always Show: this means that the client will need to agree to this waiver every time they register for any service online.
  3. Specified Length: with this you can specify the number of days for which the waivers are valid. For example if you wanted to have your clients re-sign the waiver every 90 days you would enter 90.
  4. Specified Date: with this you can specify a specific date on which all the waivers in the system will expire. This is useful if you require your clients to re-sign a waiver every calendar year. You can simply change this date at the beginning of each year.

Emailing Waivers

If you need to, you can manually email a waiver to a client. Be sure you check 'waiver' as the document type when you create the document. Then go into the client's page and click the mail icon. If you have your settings set to send email through DogBizPro, then a popup window will appear allowing you to select the document and email the link to the client to electronically sign. If you are using another email method you can get the document link from the document's page and past that into the body of your email.

Assigning Waivers to Classes & Services

If you need different waivers for different classes, events or other services, then you can assign different ones to each. You would still create the waiver in the Documents page as stated above. Then you can go into the Class, Private Training Option, etc. in the Admin Module and assign the waiver there. For events, you can only assign a specific waiver if you use Registration Levels.

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