Class Types

What are the differences in the class types?

We have two different class types currently in DogBizPro. Class types are used to support the different class structures offered by our clients. All of the classes are setup in the Admin Module and then scheduled using the correct class (event) type based on the type of class you are scheduling.

Standard Classes (Class)

This type is used for your basic weekly class. Typically these are classes that are scheduled for the same day and time each week. All the students in the class start and finish on the same date.

Modularized Classes (Modularized Class)

This type of class can be used for your open enrollment, rolling enrollment, or drop-in style classes. These classes work as follows: You setup the number of sessions in the Admin Module when you setup the class. You schedule the class starting on a specific date. This date is used to determine which session number is showed internally on the class page. Once you schedule the class your clients can register online or you can register them internally.

When a client is registered a specific start date for that client is chosen. The client is then put on the roster from that start date for the number of weeks/sessions you specified in the Admin Module. When that number of weeks/sessions is up the client automatically drops off the roster. Please note: that the ending or graduation date can be manually changed by you at any time.

Mini Classes (Mini Class)

This type of class functions the same way as a standard class.

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