Setting Up Boarding Online Registration

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How to setup online boarding registration

If you wanted to setup boarding for online registration that can be done by the following process. You will first want to start by going into your Admin module and clicking on the Setup tab. You will want to select Online Registration  from the first sub menu that appears down below. Immediately below that sub menu, another sub menu should show and from that menu you will want to select Boarding.

Boarding registration page

This will bring you to your boarding registration page where you can create available drop off times, set a closed schedule, and also set when you want registration to close. To create a Boarding opening you will want to look for the section titled Availability Settings. Inside this section you will want to put a check next to any day of the week you would like to be open.Immediately next to those days is the area to set your hours for each day that you want to allow clients to use the boarding service. For example if you wanted 7:00 am to 7:00 pm it would look like the following:

Once you are finished setting your days and times you will want to click Update to save your changes.

General Settings

If you wanted to only allow your clients to book a short time in advance, or if you wanted to close your sign up option a few days before the boarding started that can be done from inside the Other Settings section.  Inside this section you will have three options. The first is Days before to close. This option is what you will adjust if you want to close your boarding registration X amount of days early. For example if you had a boarding opening on Tuesday and if you set that Days before to close to 1. That would mean Sunday would be the latest that clients could sign up for Tuesday’s opening. On Monday the opening would grey out as if it was closed.

The next option in this section is Weeks ahead to allow. This option will determine how far in advance your clients can make appointments. For example if you set Weeks ahead to allow to 4, this would mean that your clients can view your openings only 4 weeks in advance.

The last option in this section is Available date color. This option will determine what highlighting color will be used for the available dates in your boarding section on the client registration portal. An example of what your clients could see based off the color you choose:

Holidays and closed dates

Next you will want to set any holidays or closed dates you will have for boarding in the upcoming future. This will allow you to block out certain dates from online registration, even if it is a day of the week you are normally available. To do this you will want to look for the section titled Holiday/Closed Schedule. Inside this section you a calendar for each month that will see almost a year ahead in each view. If you wanted to block out a date, simply click on the day in the month you would like to be closed for.

Once you are finished setting your closed days you will want to click Update in this section to save your changes. You have now successfully marked off dates on which you want your boarding to be closed. This will now grey the date out for clients making them unable to select that date.

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