Setting Up Your Packages

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In DogBizPro you can create packages of classes, events, private training, daycare and any other service you offer to your clients. You can then add a package to a client's account internally or the client can purchase a package when they register online.

To create a new package:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Module -> Setup -> Products & Services ->Packages page.
  2. Click the New Package icon.
  3. Fill out the information for the new package.
  4. Click Save.

To edit an existing package:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Module -> Setup -> Products & Services ->Packages page.
  2. Click on the package name.
  3. Update any information for the package.
  4. Click Save.


Title: This is the title you choose to give to the package.

Cost: This is the overall cost of the package.

Deposit: You can use this to allow the client to pay a deposit vs the entire amount for the package.

Summary: This field allows you to enter in a small summary that your clients will see when registering.

Description: This field allows you to enter a detailed description that your clients will see when registering.

Credits Must be Used: This will allow you to specify if you want the client to sign up for any classes, events, etc included in this package immediately or if they have a specified number of days, months or years to register for the individual items in the package.

Public: This field allows you to specify whether this is a package that your clients will be able to register for online or not. If it is 'Public' (checked) they will be able to; if not, you will be able to add it to their account internally, but they will not be able to register for it and pay online.

Registration Forms: Here you can assign a custom registration for to this package. That means when the client registers online they must also fill out that form to complete their registration

Waiver: This allows you to assign a waiver to this package. When the client registers online they must agree to this waiver to proceed.

Auto-Responders: Here you can assign an auto-responder that will be sent when the client purchase this package online.

Categories: You can assign this package to one ore more categories. The categories allow you to organize your packages so they are easier for your clients to find.

Adding Items to a Package

To add items to a package click on the package name. In the edit window, you can see how many items are currently in this package. To view the items, click on 'View Items'. To add more items, click 'Add Items'. There is no limit to the number of individual items each package may contain. Each item is a 'credit' for a particular service your clients can register for.

The items will be added individually to the package. Each time you click on 'Add Items', you are adding another 'credit' for that package and specifying what that credit may be used for.

For example: if you are setting up a class package you can add 3 items (classes) to that package. The first time you can click on 'Add Items' and choose your level 1 class, then you would click on 'Add Items' again and choose your level 2 class, the third time you would choose your level 3 class.

If you are setting up a private training package you may want to add 5 items (credits) to the package. Each may be valid for only one type of 'sign-up option' or you can check all of the 'sign-up options' and the client may choose which one they want to use each credit for.


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