Help with a Client Password Reset

Helping a client with their login can be complicated.  There are a few reasons why a client might not be able to login, the first being simply not remembering the password.  There is a page on the client portal that will email a link to the client to help them reset their password.

It is possible that the email address might not be found.  In that case, the client will see a message "This email address does not match any email in our records.  Please try again or contact us for help."

Client records can have an alternate email address.  If an alternate email address is used in the password reset box, the system will send a password reset email to the primary email address for the account.  For example if there is one client account for Jane Doe but her husband John's email address is also included so he can be carbon copied on emails regarding a training class and John goes to the client portal, John will not be able to login with his email and when he attempts to reset the password he will trigger an email to Jane's email and not his own.

Some email providers are sensitive regarding receiving multiple similar emails in a short amount of time and will start blocking all emails to that address.  This means that if a client clicks the button too many times, they could end up preventing themselves from receiving any additional emails.

If the client is having issues resetting their password through the portal, sometimes the easiest way to help them is to visit the client page and use the Change Client Password tool to set a new password for them.

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