Merging Invoices or Consolidating Transactions

When you have two or more open invoices for a client that need to be paid and you would like to make things easier for your client and reduce the amount of invoices they need to deal with, you can consolidate transactions and merge the charges on invoices.

On the client page you will note that there a row of tabs to choose from and invoices can be found in the Register tab.  The Register tab itself has two views, transactions and invoices.  Make sure you are in the invoices view, when you are it will be in bold.  For this example, we have two invoices, 694 and 695 from two different daycare registrations.  Let's go ahead and move the charge from invoice 695 to 694 and then the client will only have to go through the client portal payment for that invoice.

Click the menu button to get the following buttons.  Edit the Invoice, Mail the invoice, Print the invoice, Preview the Invoice, and Pay the Invoice.  Please note that paying the invoice / process invoice payment is only available for certain payment processors and is not covered in this article.  You will want to edit the invoice, in this case we are editing invoice 695.

When you edit an invoice, you will notice a list of transactions.  The ones that are checked under invoice are contained within the invoice.  If there are any "orphan" transactions without invoices, they will also be listed here, although without checks.  In this case we want to remove this Tuesday transaction from the invoice so we uncheck the box and hit save.

Even though the invoice is empty, it still exists for the time being.  But the total is $0.00 because there are no charges.  Now we edit invoice 694.

The Monday transaction was already on invoice 694.  The Tuesday transaction that was on the other invoice is now available as well.  We check the empty invoice box to add it to this invoice, and then save.

Now Invoice 694 has both transactions.  

And you can email the newly consolidated invoice to the client.

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