Integrating with My Website

Website Integration

We offer several widgets that you can use to integration DogBizPro into your existing website. For more information about the widgets please click below.

  1. Calendar Widget
  2. Class List Widget
  3. Event List Widget

Online Registration

There are several ways to add online registration to your website. First you need to configure your online registration in DogBizPro. Then you can copy the code and paste it into your website to create a link from your existing website to the Client Registration Portal of DogBizPro. 

You can also use the above widgets which will link to the Client Registration Portal as well making it easy for your client to register and pay online.

* Please note that if you try to iframe or otherwise embed the Client Registration Portal into your existing website, things may not function properly for your clients. The widgets may be embedded but the entire Client Registration Portal may not.

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