Setting up Favorite Custom Fields


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Setting up Favorite Custom Fields

If you have custom fields, you may want a way to display the responses to those custom fields on each client/dog page without having to go into the Fields tab. If you wanted a way to quickly view the responses to certain questions, you would be able to assign favorite custom client and dog fields.

To do this you would start out by going into your Admin module and clicking on the Setup tab. From this tab, you will want to select Settings and from the sub menu that should now appear below, you will want to select Custom Fields.

This will take you to your custom field page where you are able to edit existing fields, create new ones, or choose favorites. If you wanted to choose a favorite field, you would want to look for the Favorite Fields section.

Once found you can now choose if you want to assign favorites for your Client Fields or Dog Fields. The Client field will show custom client fields and the dog field will show your custom dog fields.

After you have chosen the fields you want to work with you should now see three drop down boxes showing in the Favorite Fields section. If you click on the drop down box, you should now be able to select one of the fields that you would like to favorite.

You are able to setup three favorites for Client Fields and three for your Dog Fields as well. After you are finished selecting the fields you would like to favorite, you can now click Save inside this section to save your changes.

Client Fields

Now if you were to go into specific client’s pages, you should be able to see that client’s response to the fields you had assigned earlier in the Favorite Fields section. This would allow you to quickly view the responses to those favorite fields for each of your clients.

Dog Fields

As previously mentioned, you are also able to setup three favorite Dog Fields as well.

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