Setting up CardConnect to Accept Credit Cards

CardConnect is a payment gateway that allows you to integrate your current merchant account with DogBizPro. If you do not have a CardConnect account, you can apply for one here: CardConnect

Once you have your account you need to gather the following information: Account ID, Secret Key. These can be obtained by logging into your BluePay account.

Once you have all of these pieces of information you can login to DogBizPro and go to the Online Registration -> Configuration page in the Admin Module. There you can enter the above information.

If you are ready to start processing payment from your clients you need to make sure you have Test Mode set to False. You can also choose if you want to run your transactions through in "Authorize & Capture" or "Authorize Only". Authorize & Capture will verify their card information and actually collect the funds at the time of checkout. Authorize Only will only verify their card information and you will have to login to your CardConnect account later to capture the funds.

Once you have everything entered, be sure to click 'Update' to save your changes.

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