Adding an Outside or Custom Transaction

Adding an Outside or Custom Transaction

If you sell products or offer other services to your clients outside of those offered currently in DogBizPro and if you would like to keep record of those client purchases inside the software, you have the option to do so. To make a manual custom charge to that client’s account you would first start by going into the appropriate module for your business. Whether you chose to select the Training Module, the Therapy Module, or the DayCare/Boarding Module each will follow the same procedure to creating an outside or custom transaction.

Once you have selected one of the three aforementioned modules, your next step will be to select the Clients tab. This will bring you to your client section, showing you a complete list of all of your clients. You will then find the client in that list you want to add this charge to, and click their name to open that client’s specific page.

Once you are inside of your client’s page, you will want to select the Add a Transaction icon from the icon list. This will bring you to a new window allowing you to create a custom transaction.

Once inside the transaction window you will do the following steps:

  1. Select transaction type. For a custom/outside charge you will want to select Other Charge
  2. Enter the date on which this transaction has or will take place.
  3. Enter the exact $ amount that you would like the client to be charged.
  4. Enter a reference number if you would like to refer back to it.
  5. In the memo textbox, enter in what you want the description for that charge to be. This will show at a quick glance what that charge was for, and will also show on a printed transaction. (Example if you had sold a dog collar to that client, you could put “Collar”)
  6. Click Save to create that transaction.

You have now successfully created and added an outside transaction to DogBizPro.

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