Accepting Invoice Payments

Accepting Invoice Payments

To accept an invoice payment for a client:

  1. Navigate to the client's specific page.
  2. Click the Add a Transaction icon. 
  3. Choose Invoice Payment from the type drop down.
  4. Choose the invoice for which you are accepting the payment.
  5. Adjust the values for each item/transaction, if needed.
  6. Enter the date, payment type, etc
  7. Click Save.

To edit an existing invoice:

  1. Navigate the client's specific page.
  2. Click on Register tab and switch to the Invoices view.
  3. Click on the three line icon next to the invoice in question.
  4. From the icon list, click the Edit Client Invoice icon.
  5. Make any needed changes. (Note: to change amounts on individual transactions, please edit them under the Transactions listing).
  6. Click Save.

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