Setup a Waiver for Registration

A waiver is simply a document that your clients will see when registering for classes, event or other services online. When presented with this waiver, they must click the 'I agree' button to proceed with their registration.

Setup the Waiver Document

In the Documents section you need to create a new document to be used for your waiver. You can name it anything you want, but your clients will see the title and text of the document. You can copy and paste from an existing document on your computer or upload one. Once you have that setup, click 'Save'.

Assigning the Waiver Document

Next, go to the Setup -> Online Registration -> Configuration page in the Admin Module. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you can check the box that says "show client waiver during registration" and select the document you just created.

Setting When Your Clients Will See The Waiver

Also, on the Setup ->  Online Registration -> Configuration page in the Admin Module you will see the Waiver Settings. These allow you to specify when your clients will have to agree to the waiver. You can choose from the following options:

  1. No Expiration - using this option clients will only see the waiver the very first time they register online. After that they will not see the waiver again
  2. Always Show - using this option the clients will see the waiver for each and every registration they make online.
  3. Specified Length - using this option you can set the number of days the waiver is valid for. After this number of days the client will see the waiver again and have to agree to it.
  4. Specified Date - using this option the you can set a specific date that all clients will have to agree to the waiver again. This is useful if you need a new waiver 'signed' each year or you make changes to the waiver. 

Where Do I See This Information

Under the Waiver tab on the Client's page you can see each time they have agreed to the waiver. This shows the date, the name of the waiver and the IP address of the computer they were using when they agreed to the waiver.

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