How Do I Skip a Week?

If you are scheduling a class that spans a holiday week or if you need to take a week off in the middle for any other reason, then you can easily skip a week.

1. Go to the Training Module -> Calendar tab.

2. Locate the Class on the Calendar and click on it to navigate to that specific class page.

3. From inside the specific class page, you can click the "Schedule" tab.

4. From inside of the 'Schedule" tab, you should be able to see a list of upcoming occurrences. If you wanted to edit a specific occurrence and move it to a new date, then you can click the "Edit Date" icon. If you wanted to delete a specific occurrence, then you can click the "Delete Date" icon.

5. You can also restore deleted or edited occurrences via the "Schedule" tab as well. To do this, you would just want to click the "Restore Date" icon for that specific occurrence.

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