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This page covers all of the email settings for the system as well as setting up the verification so we have permission to send emails through DogBizPro on your behalf.

Email Settings

Signature: Here you can enter the signature that will be appended to all out going messages the system generates. For more information on customizing your messages visit our auto-responders section.

Send Group Emails as BCC: allows you to specify whether you want the email link to open your email client with the email address in the CC or the BCC field.

Email Marketing Integration

Our software allows you to integrate with your existing Email Marketing system. If you have a current Constant Contact or Campaigner account you can enter the specified information here. If you want to add our email marketing add-on to your account, you can sign-up for it and we will setup your account and integrate it for you.

Once you have set this up, any new clients you create or any existing clients you modify will be automatically updated in your Email Marketing system. You will no longer have to enter and maintain the information in two locations.

For questions about this please contact us. If you do not have an email marketing account and would like to set one up, we can help you with that as well. For current information and pricing visit: email marketing add-on

Email Verification

This allows our system to send emails on your behalf through the software. It drastically increases the deliverability of emails to your client's inbox vs emails arriving in their spam or being blocked completely. For more information on setting this up check out our email verification article.

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