Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 01:23PM CDT
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An auto-responder is an email or alert that is sent automatically after a specific event has occurred, such as a client registering for a class. Here you can customize your auto-responders. 

To add a new auto-responder:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Module -> Setup -> Settings -> Auto-Responders page.
  2. Click New Auto-Responder.
  3. Fill out the information for the new auto-responder.
  4. Click Save.

To edit an existing auto-responder:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Module -> Setup -> Settings -> Auto-Responders page.
  2. Click on the auto-responder you wish to edit.
  3. Change the informamtion for the auto-responder.
  4. Click Save.


Trigger: the trigger is the event that causes the auto-responder to be sent.

Title: this is the title you choose to give to the auto-responder. This will not be seen by your clients.

Active: this allows you to temporarily suspend an auto-responder from being executed without having to delete it.

Send To: this determines where you auto-responder will be sent.

  • Client: sends the alert or email to the client
  • Admin: sends the alert or email to your system email address or alert inbox
  • Instructor: (only available for some triggers) - sends the alert or email to the assigned instructor.

CC Alt Email: by checking this box, any emails generated from this auto-responder will automatically be sent to the client's main email address as well as their alternate email address, if they have one save in the system.

Include Signature: this will include the email signature you have specified on the settings page.

Send As: this will allow you to specify whether you want the auto-responder to be sent as an email or as a system alert (message).

Subject: this is the subject of the email that is sent to your client.

Fields: these fields will be automatically populated with the correct information when the auto-responder is sent. They allow you to customize the body of the message being sent. NOTE: be sure to not alter the fields inside of the [ ] or the information will not be properly included in the final email.

Message: this is where you type your message and where the fields are inserted to customize your text that will be sent.


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