Setting Up Auto-Responders

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017 12:46PM CST

Setting Up Auto-Responders

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An auto-responder is an email or alert that is sent automatically after a specific event has occurred, such as a client registering for a class. Here you can customize your auto-responders. 

To add a new auto-responder:
  1. Navigate to the Admin Module ~ Setup ~ Settings ~ Auto-Responders page.
  2. Click New Auto-Responder.
  3. Fill out the information for the new auto-responder.
  4. Click Save.

Auto-Responder Fields:
  1. Trigger: the trigger is the event that causes the auto-responder to be sent.
  2. Title: this is the title you choose to give to the auto-responder. This will not be seen by your clients.
  3. Active: this allows you to temporarily suspend an auto-responder from being executed without having to delete it.
  4. Subject: this is the subject of the email that is sent to your client.
  5. Input Fields: these fields will be automatically populated with the correct information when the auto-responder is sent. They allow you to customize the body of the message being sent.
  6. Send To: this is the person to which you want the alert or email to be sent. Currently you can choose Client which sends the alert or email to the client or Me which sends alert or email to your system email address or alert inbox.
  7. CC Alt Email: by checking this box, any emails generated from this auto-responder will automatically be sent to the client's main email address as well as their alternate email address, if they have one save in the system.
  8. Include Signature: this will include the email signature you have specified on the settings page.
  9. Send As: this will allow you to specify whether you want the auto-responder to be sent as an email or as a system alert (message).


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