Custom Field Types

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 01:40PM CDT

Custom Field Types

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Custom Fields give you the ability to track additional information about the client and dogs in your system. You have the ability to create as many fields and registration forms as you need to. Fields can be of the following types:

​Field Types

1. Textbox - A basic custom field to allow simple single-line text input.

2. Textarea - A multi-line text field to allow input of longer text information.

3. Decimal - A custom field that stores and validates numeric (decimal point) input.

4. Integer - A custom field that stores and validates numeric (non-decimal) input.

5. Dropdown - A custom field to choose a single value from a list of values.

6. Radio Button List - A list of radio buttons allowing a single value selection.

7. Checkbox - A single checkbox giving a yes or no (on/off) value.

8. Checkbox List - A list of checkboxes allowing for multiple selections.

9. Date - A custom field that stores a date value.

10. Email - A custom field that stores an email address.

Phone - A custom field that stores a phone number.


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